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Timeline of the Planning Process in New Orleans

This list provides links to sources, where available, for key events in the disaster recovery planning process in New Orleans. A real timeline, scaled appropriately with lots of other time series information is available on www.envisioningforplanners.org. It was prepared by researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

August 26, 2005 Governor Kathleen Blanco Declares a State of Emergency in Louisiana – Governors Office Press Release
August 27, 2005 Federal State of Emergency Declared by President Bush, FEMA and DHS given full authority to act – Presidents Office Press Release
August 27, 2005 Katrina Upgraded to a Category 3 Hurricane – CNN
August 28, 2005 Katrina Upgraded to a Category 5 Hurricane – CNN
August 28, 2005 Mayor Nagin Issues Mandantory Evacuation of New Orleans – Times-Picayune
August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina makes second landfall as a category 3 hurricane – CNN
August 29, 2005 Industrial Canal, 17th Street Levee and London Ave Canal breached – Wikipedia
September 8, 2005 Rockefeller Foundation annonces $3M grant for housing and economic redevelopment in response to Hurricane Katrina to GNOF Katrina Disaster Relief Fund – Rockefeller Foundation Press Release
September 12, 2005 Michael Brown resigns as director of FEMA – BBC
September 19, 2005 Second Evacuation of New Orleans for Hurricane Rita – Washington Post
September 27, 2005 City Council passes resolution to create 11 person Advisory Committee on Hurricane Recovery – Times-Picayune
September 30, 2005 Nagin announces Bring New Orleans Back Committee, ULI to advise 17 member pannel – Times-Picayune
October 5, 2005 Mayor announces Layoff of 3,000 non-essential city employees, about half the workforce – Times-Picayune
October 12, 2005 City Council Approves Advisory Committee on Hurricane Recovery, directs it to hold its first meeting within two weeks – Times-Picayune
October 17, 2005 Governor Blanco creates the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA), a 23-member commission that will guide state government in the process of rebuilding, headed by Norman Francis and Walter Isaacson – Times-Picayune (Oct 18, 2005)
October 28, 2005 City Planning Commission feels bypassed by BNOB, APA states that it is “critically important” that the Commission participate in BNOB – Times-Picayune
November 18, 2005 ULI makes preliminary recomendations to BNOB, greenspace buyouts of lowest neighborhoods. Mayor Nagin absent. – Times-Picayune
November 28, 2005 Mayor Nagin reiterated his intention to ultimately “rebuild all of New Orleans.”, rejecting ULI plan – Times-Picayune
December 13, 2005 Canazaro Proposes the three year plan: Anyone can rebuild anywhere for three years, at which point inadequite neighborhoods will be shrunk – Times-Picayune
December 15, 2005 City Council Passes a resolution that all neighborhoods “should get equal treatment and should be rebuilt simultaneously” – Times-Picayune (December 17, 2005)
December 15, 2005 Canazaro’s Urban Design pannel of BNOB along with Wallace, Roberts & Todd suggest a one year free-for-all rebuidling period to discourage residents from delaying – Times-Picayune
December 23, 2005 Nagin lifts midnight curfew west of Industrial Canal – Times-Picayune
December 30, 2005 President Bush signs a spending bill providing $29B in recovery funds to the gulf coast, including $6.2B in potential CDBG money to Louisiana. At the same time, an addtional $50B is allocated for ongoing military in Iraq and Afghanistan – Times-Picayune (December 31, 2005)
January 1, 2006 New Orleans third largest city in Louisiana, after Baton Rouge and Shrieveport with 135,000 – Times-Picayune
January 7, 2006 Former Mayor Marc Morial, now president of the National Urban League, delivers a speech insisting on Category 5 protection and a 120% buyout program for homeowners – Times-Picayune
January 11, 2006 Bring New Orleans Back land-use committee, Chaired by Joe Canizaro releases and votes to accept its final report calling for a four month window to allow neighborhoods to
prove their viability otherwise they will be bought out by a powerful new redevelopment authority, a morritorium on building permits in heavily flooded areas, $3.3 billion for light rail, $12 billion for buyouts. – Times-Picayune
January 11, 2006 New Orleans architect Ray Manning and Tulane University’s school of architecture dean, Reed Kroloff nominated by BNOB land-use committee to hold planning meetings for the BNOB process starting March 20, 2006 – Times-Picayune
January 12, 2006 Wal-Mart Foundation announces a $500,000 gift each to BNOB and LRA – Times-Picayune (January 13, 2006)
January 16, 2006 Nagins “Chocolate City” and “Vengeful god” speech on MLK day – Times-Picayune
January 19, 2006 Governor Kathleen Blanco announces appointment of Calthorpe to lead Regional planning for LRA, Andres Duany to lead the Neighborhood planning side and
Raymond Gindroz of Urban Design Associates to create a pattern book of house designs – Times-Picayune (January 20, 2006)
January 21, 2006 Louisiana Planning Day held nation-wide by FEMA ESF-14 to solicit input from affected residents in the state and a dozen other cities – Times Picyaune (January 22, 2006)
January 21, 2006 Mayor Nagin announces he will not support a moritorium on rebuilding as suggested by BNOB – Times-Picayune
January 26, 2006 City Council’s Advisory Committee on Hurricane Recovery holds first meeting, to advise the council on ways to “facilitate the city’s post-hurricane recovery efforts”, 150 days after Katrina – Times-Picayune
January 27, 2006 BNOB accepts the final reports from the last six commitees, education, culture, health care and other matters. – Times-Picayune (January 28, 2006)
January 31, 2006 NFL pledges $20M to repair the superdome – Times-Picayune (February 1, 2006)
February 15, 2006 President Bush announces that he will ask Congress for an additional $4.2B in CDBG money for Louisiana – Times-Picayune
February 16, 2006 City Council approves $2.9M in Community Development Block Grants to hire Lambert Consulting for its own neighborhood planning project – Times-Picayune
February 17, 2006 US House kills Governor Blancos housing trust bill after being narrowly approved by the US Senate – Times-Picayune (February 17, 2006)
February 20, 2006 Governor Blanco unveils what will become the $7.5B Road Home program – Times-Picayune
March 8, 2006 Road Home program sets up website and phone number for people to register for whatever state housing assistance is made available – Times-Picayune
March 10, 2006 LRA pledges $7.5M to BNOB planning process after FEMA denies Funding to Manning & Kroloff led planning process – Times-Picayune
March 16, 2006 LRA approves Governor Blancos $7.5B Road Home program – Times-Picayune
March 20, 2006 Bring New Orleans Back Commission released report, $12.9B cost – Times-Picayune
March 28, 2006 ESF-14 Completed, lousianaspeaks.org is launched – Timeline of ESF-14
April 7, 2006 City Council announces that Paul Lambert and Shelia Danzey will be working with neighborhoods devistated by Katrina – Times-Picayune
April 12, 2006 FEMA releases Advisory Base Flood Elevation Maps – Times-Picayune
April 20, 2006 Rockefeller Foundation Announces $3.5M to fund UNOP – Rockefeller Foundation Press Release
April 26, 2006 LRA approves final version of Road Home program – Times-Picayune
May 2, 2006 Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget and the House Appropriations Committee approves the LRA’s road home program – Times-Picayune (May 3, 2006)
May 10, 2006 State Senate approves LRA’s Road Home program – Times-Picayune
May 20, 2006 Mayor Ray Nagin Re-elected – Times-Picayune
May 30, 2006 Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson approves Road Home program – Times-Picayune
June 5, 2006 Request for Qualifications for UNOP issued – GNOF RFQ
June 9, 2006 ICF International Chosen to administer the $7.5B Road Home program – Times-Picayune (June 10, 2006)
June 15, 2006 President Bush signs emergency spending bill for an additional $4.2B in CDBG to Louisiana – Times-Picayune
June 16, 2006 City Planning Disseminates Neighborhood Planning Guide – UNOP Website
June 26, 2006 UNOP Requests for Qualifications Submissions Due – GNOF RFQ
July 5, 2006 LRA, City Council & Mayor Announce Agreement on UNOP – Mayor’s Office Press Release
July 21, 2006 New Orleans Community Support Foundation Approves Recommended Planning Teams – UNOP Website
July 30, 2006 First Community Meeting for UNOP to decide planning districts and establish criteria for working with planning teams – UNOP Website
August 1, 2006 Presentations by planning firms to neighborhood organizations for UNOP – Bayou Buzz
August 3, 2006 Paul Lambert takes out full page ad denouncing UNOP – Times-Picayune
August 22, 2006 Governor Blanco announces launch of Road Home program – Times-Picayune
August 25, 2006 City Council approves FEMA flood elevation maps – Times-Picayune
August 28, 2006 Memorandum of Understanding Signed by Mayor, City Council & GNOF – UNOP Website
August 28, 2006 Community Support Organization (CSO) Board Members Announced – UNOP Press Release
August 28, 2006 Assignment of planning teams to neighborhoods and districts announced – Times-Picayune
August 31, 2006 UNOP Board Meeting to announce planning teams, approve contracts and ratify CSO appointments – UNOP Website
September 15, 2006 Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund gives $1M to UNOP process – Times-Picayune
September 23, 2006 Lambert Plans final Presntations, price tag $2B – Times-Picayune
October 27, 2006 The New Orleans Neighborhoods Rebuilding Plans were unanimously accepted by the City Council of New Orleans on Friday October 27, 2006 (Motion M- 06-460).
October 28, 2006 First UNOP Community Congress
December 2, 2006 Second UNOP Community Congress
January 20, 2007 Third UNOP Community Congress.

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5 Responses to “Timeline of the Planning Process in New Orleans”

  1. on 15 Dec 2006 at 6:01 pm Callie Rubbins-Breen

    Thanks so much for this timeline! It is a huge help in seeing how each of the individual plans started and were presented to the public, how they overlap and how entities have been clashing with each other.

    Would LOVE to have a post about timelines since Oct. 27 and get some of your thoughts about the planning process occurring right now with UNOP on the forefront, Lambert still around and the LRA cutting promised funding (Article in Times-Picayune today)

  2. on 19 Mar 2007 at 2:00 pm Ryan

    but thanks it was a big help

  3. on 30 Sep 2008 at 9:16 am Craig

    When you see the totality of the efforts that have been made, you can’t be unimpressed by the monumental waste of time, money and energy. I feel badly for the participants who’s hard work was dismissed and discarded in these, ultimately, worthless studies.

  4. on 16 Apr 2009 at 10:09 am Sherrie

    This is great! I would like to see an updated timeline and what is upcoming since January 20, 2007?!


  5. on 19 Oct 2011 at 12:39 pm S. Nelson

    Wheres the money being spent? Last time I was there 2010, many places look apocalyptic. Empty shopping centers, abandoned neighborhoods, An old Six Flags theme park that was reminiscent of a Dean Koontz best seller. It is freightening! All the money that Congress/Washington approved (est) based on my research in the hundreds of billions could have been divided up to net each home owner a one time allotment of 1.5 million. So wheres the money? Show your citizens the bill. Stop trying to pretend that only law makers can multiply and divide. Citizens, stop letting the government give you foid sramps and a 1000 relief check as a pat on the back. Basically this us their way of saying you and your families, your lifes work, hopes and dreams are worth 1000 dollars and a one time welfare payment.