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Planning in New Orleans
New Orleans is currently in its fourth planning process after Hurricane Katrina. This site explains what's going on, has links to finished plans, and provides a forum for discussion.

We added the New Orleans Office of Recovery Management’s Target Area Plans to our list of other plans. The drafts available on the ORM website were updated in September 2007 but the plans were actually announced in March 2007. These plans detail specific projects, or target areas throughout the city that the ORM feels can realistically be implemented in the next few years.

You can download and view the plans on the ORM website.

Thanks to Dorian Hastings, nolaplans.com now has a copy of the Central City Renaissance Alliance Community Plan in the “Other Plans” section of the site. If you know of any other plans we’re missing, please send us a note.

Photos taken in April, 2007 have been compiled into a display including a timeline and poem. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, notably Andrea Gaffney. The class spent part of its trip to New Orleans driving and cycling around the city and photographing various neighborhoods. Its pretty tough to get a feel for the extent of the damage & rebuilding progress without spending at least half of a day driving through New Orleans, outside of the neighborhoods typically visited by tourists. These photos have been placed on the map of New Orleans, roughly where they were taken and provide a snapshot of what the city was like in April 2007.

You can download a low-res pdf or a high resolution image (3 MB).

Using the raw data collected from community congress II, we’ve performed a basic analysis of some of the more interesting questions. Our results are posted on the research page.

Courtesy of Bob Tannen, scanned by Jakob Rosenzweig, we’ve added the 1974 New Orleans Housing and Neighborhood Preservation plan to the Other plans section of nolaplans.com.

It provides an interesting look at city planning in New Orleans in the 1970s.

More recognition

NOLAplans.com has been linked to from the Neighborhoods Planning Network website.

Final Lambert Plans Released

On November 1, 2006 the final Lambert plans were posted online for all flooded neighborhoods. These are updates from the intermediate final plans which were posted in early October. Both the new final plans and the intermediate plans are linked from nolaplans.com/lambert.

Also, the city council voted to accept the lambert plans on October 27, 2006.

UNOP recognition

The UNOP website now boasts a link to NOLAplans.com website on the sidebar under “Recovery and Planning Assistance”.

While the final Lambert plans for most neighborhoods were available as of 10/15/06, they have been removed from the Lambert the site on 10/16/06. We’ve got links to cached versions.

Launch of NOLAplans.com

NOLAplans.com was launched on Monday, October 16, 2006. Watch this space for updates as plans for New Orleans unfold.