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One Response to “Your Comments on the Lambert Plan”

  1. on 01 Nov 2006 at 5:31 am Paul Ikemire

    When the Lambert Process sprung on June 3rd, 2006 PNOLA divulged all of its planning material including the preliminary studies conducted by CCNY. For sake of unity with the city council, PNOLA gave the lead to Lambert to take the ball and develop official plans.

    The changing of the guards took place within June whereby the Festival of Neighborhoods revealed neighborhood plans on June 24th, with Tulane/Gravier as a major presence. At the same time, four days later, the Tulane/Gravier Planning Council held its first weekly meeting at the PNOLA HQ to tackle the Lambert planning process and to work to incorporate material from past efforts. Not less then a week later, the news of the UNOP process was in the air and the TGPC was juggling two planning processes with the same confusion and frustration as other neighborhoods.

    We met weekly, every Thursday evening and produced a comphrensive binder of planning reports for 7 committees on July 17th, 2006. The binder was hailed as a great accomplishment by our Lambert planning team and by other groups we showed it to. We had very high hopes that this binder would be turned into an official plan by August 15th, 2006.

    When the final presentation was made to Tulane/Gravier, we had already been expsosed to the UNOP process and could easily see that our maps and presentation was completely substandard and out of synch with what the City Planning Commission required.

    Most of the TGPC felt proud of the raw material but not the finished product given by Lambert. There was very little invested into Tulane/Gravier and currently, Lambert refuses or is unable to produce and publish an official Lambert Planning book for Tulane/Gravier. Perhaps a few residents were upset about the August 15th presentation, but this should not have derailed the necessary work that Paul Lambert promised Tulane/Gravier between August 15th and Sept 29th, 2006.

    I had to do a 11th hour negotiation and technically force Paul Lambert to include Tulane/Gravier in the city wide presentation on Sept 23rd (after securing a spot for Tulane/Gravier, I had to then burn a CD of our planning maps on my laptop in the city hall chambers 5 minutes before he was to present), – whereby his original intention was to leave the plan out of the presentation but the end result put Tulane/Graiver on recorded camera as being active and a fully engaged in this Lambert Process.

    We are still waiting for the Lambert Plan as of 11/1/2006